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What role do associations play in setting government policy?

There was a study discussed that showed data that besides customers having the largest economic value on a company in the next 3-5 years (71 percent), the government/regulators would have the second largest impact at 54 percent. Thus, it is the job of government affairs specialists to make sure the impact is positive and not harmful to small businesses and allows fair practices.

There is no one particular characteristic of a company or business that allows it to have success in legislative outcomes. Each characteristic is only has a coin flip chance (50 percent) of having the desired outcome. But, by combing more lobbyists, larger PAC money, etc., the chances of success increase. (Source: KSRINC, McKinsey Survey)

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****COVID-19 Update: OFDA prioritizes the health and safety of our members and staff. On March 23rd, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issued an executive order that closes all non-essential businesses. For this reason, OFDA is currently unable to process any checks, or faxed payment information, for open invoices. All payments will have to be made online via credit card until further notice. As a reminder, each invoice you receive via email will have a direct payment link at the bottom of the email. If you, or your organization, have specific instructions regarding processing credit card payments, please contact Financial Manager, Kalu Azu. Please note, if you have already mailed a check to OFDA Headquarters, we will be unable to process your payment at this time. Thank you for your continued support.