In December 2005, NOPA and OPWA (predecessor organization for the Business Solutions Association (BSA)) jointly launched the Office Products Industry Data Standards (OPIDS) initiative. The project’s initial objective was to develop consistent industry product data identification standards that the independent channel could implement for the 2007 general office product catalogs. Specifically, the focus has been on standardizing and maintaining standards on:

  • Manufacturer Alpha Codes (3-digit MAC)
  • SKU item identification numbers (SKU)
  • Units of measure at the wholesaler level of sales to dealers (UOM)
  • Most frequently used color codes (2 or 3 digit)

An OPIDS committee was formed in early 2006. NOPA and BSA serve as facilitators of the process. In August 2011, BSA, with participation from NOPA, Trade Service, and a cross-section of industry dealer buying groups, business system software providers and manufacturers in key product categories, formed a new eContent Management Task Group to extend the original OPIDS standardization work to include "rich” e-content items.

NOPA’s Board of Governors formed an OPIDS/eContent Management Standards Task Group in September 2011 to provide ongoing input to this initiative as it develops.

BSA/NOPA eContent Management Task Group has defined initial general objectives to include:

  • Determination of opportunities for industry standardization of selected types of commonly used e-content;
  • Development of best practices in management and distribution of such e-content; and
  • Industry education/communication to encourage movement toward future harmonization of critical e-content items.

To date, working subgroups have been organized to address opportunities for:

  • Content attribute standardization/best practices;
  • Video format/syndication standardization/best practices; and
  • Short-description/naming convention standardization/best practices/education

Select the Below Links to View the Following Documents:

10-14 Print Cartridge (Replaces 09-13 Defining a Remanufactured Cartridge)

11-14 Synchronization of Image Standard

12-14 Infographic Standard

13-14 Brand Guideline and Standard

14-14 Video Standard (Replaces 02-12 Video Standard)

15-14 Color Attribute Filtering Standard

01-12 Naming Convention Standard

03-12 Mobile Code Standard

04-12 Photography Standard

06-13 SKU Relationship Standard

07-13 Keywords Best Practices Standard

08-13 Banner Ad Guideline

09-13 Defining a Remanufactured Cartridge (Superseded by 10-14 Print Cartridge)

Manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers are welcome to participate in the OPIDS process directly or by submitting questions and comments to NOPA or BSA. Periodically, senior management of the organizations conduct conference calls to discuss the status and progress of the OPIDS process.

Please contact NOPA Headquarters for questions or more information.