GSA Price Increase Modifications and Dealer Letter to Member of Congress



Inflation Crushing Small Businesses: GSA Needs To Allow Price Increases

Inflation, supply chain shortages, and rising gas prices continue to impact independent dealers’ ability to recover from the over two years of lockdowns stemming from COVID-19.

The General Services Administration (GSA) has issued guidance on March 17, 2022, temporarily lifting any enforcement of certain limitations contained in GSA Economic Price Adjustment contract clauses. Positive news from the top at GSA. The problem is, contracting officers are not getting the message or simply not adhering to the new guidance. Either way, we need your help!

We would encourage every independent dealer to send the attached draft letter to their members of Congress requesting them to immediately step in and help us correct this problem. We cannot continue to sell products to the government at a loss. We cannot let this lack of coordination within GSA limit our ability to recover from the impacts of COVID and other economic indicators.

Below is a link to a draft letter we urge you to edit with the name of your members of Congress and your company information. If you need help identifying your elected officials, please contact IOPFDA Legislative Counsel, Paul Miller at [email protected] or (703) 383-1330 and he will get you the correct information.  You will need to provide him with your company address and zip code.

Join us in fixing a problem that is continuing to set small business recovery back!



Dealer Letter to Member of Congress