US dealer groups agree to merge

The three leading office products dealer groups in the US have signed a letter of intent to merge the organisations into a single entity.

A steering committee comprising representatives of Independent Suppliers Group (ISG), Pinnacle Affiliates and TriMega Purchasing Association has been formed, the respective Chairs of the three groups – Tonya Horn, Bruce Eaton and Ian Wist – have announced.

The role of the committee is to execute the letter of intent and consolidate the three groups into a new organisation, as yet unnamed. The new entity will form a dealer group of approximately 1,000 independent dealers with locations throughout the 50 US states and its territories.

In a preliminary announcement, it was revealed that the work of the steering committee is expected to be completed early in the second quarter of 2019.

We hope to bring you more details shortly of this significant development in the US independent dealer channel, and this dealer group merger will be the subject of the Hot Topic in the March issue of OPI magazine.

Reprinted from OPI.  Click here to view full article.